[dates and locations subject to change]

2014-2015 Track

3 April – 26 June: School of Photographic Communication 1
 Location: Brantford, Canada.

27 June – 2 July: Break Week

3 July – 26 September: Outreach
Location: India, Thailand, Cambodia

27 September – 9 October : Break weeks

10 October – 1 January: School of Photographic Communication 2
Location: Brantford, Canada
Including a 2-3 week field trip to the Middle East for some on-site biblical teaching.
Middle East [ Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece]

1 January-26 March: Outreach (Student/Self-lead)
Location: South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Equador, Paraguay, Bolivia

27 March-2 April: Break Week

3 April – 17 September: Internship/project making/School of Communication:
Location: Kona, Hawaii and Brantford, Canada

18 September onwards:Tour!
Undecided locations & period of time


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