We are Moving

To all of our faithful followers,

We are so grateful that you have been following us as we have journeyed throughout the world over the past 18 months. It’s been a privilege to share our experiences and we’re thankful for you who have encouraged us along the way. Maybe it sounds like we’re saying goodbye, but that’s not the case… We have exciting news!

We have just launched our brand new website and along with that – our brand new blog feed. From now on, our blogs can be found at www.statuswelcomed.com.  However, the website is much more than simply a blog feed. Our website includes a media tab where you can see collections of our photos, some short videos that we have produced, more explanation about our main message of hospitality and a visual travel diary that includes a map and photos of places that we’ve been.

If you have facebook and instagram you can also follow our continuing travels under the name Status:Welcomed, getting varies glimpses into different aspects of our tour. We will be updating regularly with new photos, stories from our tour and the way that we have seen God impacting the communities that are taking on the hospitality challenge.

So after far too much explanation – please head on over to statuswelcomed.com and explore to your heart’s content.