Now that we have gotten a little bit further in the planning of our tour to New Zealand and Australia we can see that there’s a lot more money that goes into planning and actually going on a tour than we had thought. We therefore decided to do some fundraising while we are here in Brantford over the summer.

We started it all with a car wash this past weekend, and will have a bake sale and a yard sale in the upcoming weeks.

To help us out with our fundraisers we have Hannah and she is the perfect person for the job. She is organised, detail minded, creative and good at communicating with everyone involved. It’s been so nice to be able to focus on the project, knowing that all the planning and details for the fundraisers are taken care of. It’s been such a blessing to us.


It’s not just Hannah that has been amazing at helping us with the fundraisers. Our friends in the area and our church has been helping us in small ways, Jon and Layne have offered to donate a photo shoot where all the money goes to our project and Jon’s family has been so good to us, helping us with everything from letting us borrow hoses and buckets for the car wash and helping us on the day to letting us use their house to store donations for the yard sale and helping us spread the word about the fundraisers to their friends.

We are so thankful for all the help, and feel really lucky to be surrounded by people that care and want to see this tour be a success.

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