Done and Dusted: Bucket List Items

Quite often we reflect on different experiences that we’ve had throughout track and lately all three of us have had conversations about our bucket lists. All of us had some form of bucket list written pre-track and each of us have been able to cross off several items.

I thought I’d give you a taste of some of the things that we’ve been privileged to do throughout our travels:

– Ride a Camel
team blog_12

– Sleep in a Hammock

– Walk across a land border Team blog_9
(Crossing from Myanmar back to Thailand)

– Buy a flight with air miles

– Go Paddle Boarding

– Become a better photographer

– Go to India

– Go to South Africa

– Ride an Elephant

– Ride a Moped 7252331

– See a Bollywood movie (in an Indian theatre)

– Stay in a youth hostel

– Go on a Safari

– Ride on a motorcycle

– See some Wonders of the World

It’s not an all exclusive list and some were on one of our lists but not the others – but you get the drift. We’re pretty spoiled to have experienced a lot of what has come our way these past 16 months!


2 thoughts on “Done and Dusted: Bucket List Items

  1. Hi all

    Fantastic…but you haven’t visited the great wonder of the world that is Ellesmere Port!!!

    Come visit sometime:)

    Momma Rose

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