Individual Roles

I knew we were a good team. We’ve had various moments on track when we’ve realised just how much each member of the team is needed for our track to be whole.

But over the past two weeks it’s becoming glowingly clear to me that we each need the other members to even think about completing our final project and tour.

team blog_20 copy

We’re all similar as we prefer to work through to-do lists. That’s a plus.
However each to-do list has elements that suit one of us more than the others. Each of us has strengths that are standing out and it’s exciting for us to be realising not only the strengths that we have but also to see the others shine in the areas of theirs.

Three times each week we come together to meet as a team and talk through anything that needs to be a group decision and deadline before we spend the rest of our time working on our individual roles, whatever that includes.


As it turns out – Idun is our design whiz. She’s taken over the logo design, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not only is she designing for our website, she’s also chopping and changing it up to create beautiful images and logos for our merchandise.
Idun also has an eye for colour, fonts and elements that pull everything all together.

Beth is our photography editor and has taken on all roles that deal with sorting, editing and deciding photos for our various needs. She has an eye for picking photos and enjoys spending hours tweaking details in our photos to make them a little more presentable.
Beth is also our writer. She takes delight in stringing the right words together to create a work of art, to tell stories and provoke thought.

I (Cat) have taken on the job of organising and communicating with contacts for our speaking arrangements while on tour. Creating lists, seeking out contacts and writing numerous emails to multiple people in order to set up our presentations is something that I enjoy.
I have also taken on the role of video editor and although I don’t have any experience before, it’s something that I’m looking forward to learning.


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