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You’ve all heard about Hannah (check out this blog if you haven’t). Well, we want to introduce you to her sister Grace (above left) who you’ve probably seen in some of our photos from Hawaii.

Grace is hardworking. Grace is adventurous. Grace is creative. Grace is competent.

We were first introduced to Grace in Hawaii where she became an honorary member of our team for what we thought was only going to be three months. However, she has become more involved than that, for which we are thankful.

Work Hard, Play Hard_11
The plan at the moment is for Grace to join us three girls as we tour New Zealand and Australia. As such a small team we have been aware of the different complications that could occur as we think about the different aspects of our tour.

For us, having Grace join our Tour will mean a pair of extra hands that can aid us with our information and merchandise booth, someone to help set up and set down the different aspects of our presentation and another person who will be available to help with various tasks or help problem solve. We’re thankful that although she hasn’t been with us for the majority of the time and therefore won’t be doing any of the public speaking, she is fully capable of helping us in numerous ways that make a huge difference.

Currently she is in the process of raising enough money to join us and we’re all praying that God provides a way for that to happen. We’d love it if you would pray alongside us as we trust God for this new turn of events!


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