Back in Brantford

Yes, it’s been a silent few weeks on our end as we enjoyed a break between our time in Hawaii and arriving back here in Canada.

We had the opportunity to go with Hannah back to her small town in Washington for a week to meet her family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed getting out and doing some of the walks and hikes together that are around the area.

The second part of our break was spent back in Canada, where we were able to settle back into our old house, greet friends we haven’t seen for 7 months, go to the local church and catch up on some sleep.

It’s nice to be in a familiar place (Including the map of the world that we drew on the chalkboard in April last year still on the wall) with familiar faces (especially our ever-favourite Jon and Layne Grime).

We’re starting to get our schedule a little more sorted and as the three of us all work well having some structure, it feels quite good. This quarter we are focusing on our tour and all that entails (which at the moment is detailed in a long, long to-do list for us to conquer), so we’re glad to get to work and see how things unfold as we produce some of what we’ve planned.


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