Behind the Scenes

Several of our past posts have given you a glimpse into some of our daily life, our behind the scenes. I thought we’d continue that with some of my favourite captured moments from track – they aren’t all super polished, clear photos but they give you some more insight to our track family life! These range from photos taken last week to ones taken when we first arrived in Canada.

Team blog_59
Team blog_54
Team blog_57
Team blog_56
Team blog_50
Team blog_49
Team blog_42
Team blog_43
Team blog_45
Team blog_39
Team blog_40
Team blog_36
Team blog_37
Team blog_32
Team blog_28
Team blog_24
Team blog_22
Team blog_26
Team blog_31
Team blog_33
Team blog_20
Team blog_14
Team blog_12
Team blog_11
Team blog_17
Team blog_19
Team blog_16
Team blog_21
Team blog_7
Team blog_10
Team blog_4
Team blog_67
Team blog_65
Team blog_62
Team blog_64
Making wishes
Team blog
Team blog_3
Team blog_66
Team blog_6
Team blog_8
Team blog_9
Team blog_13
Team blog_18
Team blog_27
Team blog_29
Team blog_46
Team blog_48
Team blog_55
Team blog_52
Team blog_51
Team blog_61




2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. It’s way sweet that you’ve included shots of eric….. he sorely misses each of you and being a part of it all, BUT God reigns and this new season is HIS
    best for us all.

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