Public Speaking

We’ve just completed two, crazy busy weeks of public speaking. I think in the ten days of classes we gave six speeches overall; two impromptu, two famous historical speeches and three that we wrote ourselves.

Eric Speaking

I think it’s been a stretching week for all of us.

Idun Speaking
We started out on the second day performing the famous speeches in front of each other having only had 20 hours to work on it. That day we all showcased nerves for the world to see – shaking hands and papers visibly shaking to prove it, stumbling over words, losing our places.

Beth Speaking
Just yesterday we finished our last speech for the class.. a collective presentation made up of individual speeches that we each wrote, but smoothly running together with the common theme of ‘Fears that a Refugee Experiences’.

Cat Speaking
This group speech was the only speech that we gave with an audience and thankfully it went quite well! We managed to keep a much calmer appearance than the first day (improvement!) although I am almost certain we were all still shaking inside.

We’ve been given many, many tips on how to prepare, write and give speeches and we’re all thankful that this course is preparing us in so many ways for our upcoming tour starting in October!


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