Hey world, this is Bethan speaking. This week the dust has begun to settle as we’re able to get more of a feel of what our time here in Kona will look like. It has been our first normal looking week, mostly because we each began our individual work duties. Having a detailed Google Calendar (our leader Hannah is in her element) and the accompanying ability to make plans with people has reminded me how much I love routine. I realised that the last time my Track life had a recurring, planned, dependable schedule was back in November 2014. Since then, we explored the Middle East and Greece, spent Christmas with families, flowed through our student-led outreaches making plans as we go, and in Kenya I lived most days learning each morning what I’d be doing that day. As a team I think we’ve gotten pretty good at rolling with the punches, at having our days off moved around and altered, and at living through weeks that look remarkably different from one another. Our final Track outreach location in Bolivia as was made shinier by our host affirming that they’ve enjoyed spending time with our team because they’ve found us to be flexible with changing plans.

Without much further ado, I’d love to take some time to describe the shape our weeks will take here this quarter.

MONDAY – 8-9am campus corporate worship. 9-12pm class. 1-5pm work duties/homework. For our campus work duties we each volunteer about 10 hours a week to help the base function as a place where no one is employed or paid. Me and Idun work shifts in the base’s café, Eric works with the audio/visual team and Cat is Hannah’s personal assistant. 

TUESDAY – 8-9am team devotions together. 9-12pm class. 1-5pm work duties/homework. This quarter for homework we’re all reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, as well as individually chosen autobiographies/biographies of world changers. I’m reading about Bonhoeffer, Idun about Aung San Suu Kyi, Cat about Wilberforce and Eric about Steve Jobs.

WEDNESDAY – 8-9am individual devotions. 9-12pm class. 1-5pm work duties/homework. 6-8pm team hangout night/PhotogenX hangout night. The former involves a steady supply of calories accompanying a movie or a game; the latter is where we spend the evening with the PhotogenX staff, rotating between the two each week. 

THURSDAY – 8-9am team worship together. 9-12pm class. 1-5pm work duties/homework. 6-8pm Ohana evening campus gathering. In the afternoons of our weekdays we also each meet with Hannah over coffee to discuss anything and everything.

FRIDAY– 8-9am prayer and intercession with the wider PhotogenX family. 9-12am class. 1-5pm work duties/homework. 5-6pm team dinner together.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Days off. Ideally, these days are filled with adventure, exploring, finding rides to beaches, paddleboarding, resting, skyping, and catching up with the to-do’s of life.



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