One Year, Baby!!

We, the 2014-2015 Track team, have passed the one-year mark!

Nothing was posted on here to recognise that fact while we lazed about in our different break locations last week, but we’ve enjoyed telling people that we’ve been a team for an entire year all the same.

As we’ve travelled we’ve gotten to know each other quite well, we’ve experienced a lot together and had a lot of fun. We’ve also had some low times as anyone living in constant community does.
We’ve spent time in multiple countries as a team, taken a couple of day trips to several others, seen a few of the World Wonders, spent hours (literally days, when you add them all together) in the air and in transit and taken hundreds of photos along the way.

Our purpose as we’ve been travelling has been to document stories of the people we meet, hoping to be able to bring awareness to the details of some situations that they face. As I write this now, we have all arrived on the Kona base in Hawaii for our communications quarter where we have a full schedule of classes planned out for us. We will be learning how to best communicate the stories that we have collected, hone in on our writing and public speaking skills and hopefully get started on our anticipated website.

Instead of posting beautiful photos of Hawaii however (I’m sure you’ll see plenty of them in the next three months!), I have chosen to celebrate our one year with a series of photos (none of which I actually took…).

You’ve probably seen most of these photos before in different blog posts but because we’re a little bit narcissistic and enjoy seeing photos of ourselves as much as we like taking them (maybe that’s not 100% true.. okay, partial truth..) here’s a taste of our past year.

Who would you vote has changed the most??

April, 2014. Our first ever team photo, featuring our track ‘parents’ Jon and Layne – Brantford, Canada.

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April 2014. Film photos by Layne. We had an adventure and a ride in a police car – Canada.

Late April, 2014. Hannah came to visit and get to know us – team selfie!! – Brantford, Canada.

May 2014. Jon took us to a hippy, vegan conference. We found a gigantic deck chair on our road trip – Somewhere in Ontario, Canada.

May, 2014. One of our favourites.. no explanation needed as to why – Sauble Beach, Canada.

June, 2014. Asia Outreach team featuring Sharon, our wonderful leader! – Brantford, Canada.

June, 2014. The night before we left for India – fresh and ready to travel! Brantford, Canada.

July, 2014. Our first week of India Outreach! Hannah joined us for this stint of outreach as Sharon’s sidekick. – Kolkata, India.

August, 2014. This day we biked from one country to another… Mae Sot, Thailand – Myawaddy, Myanmar.

September, 2014. A pastoral visit from Rachel. We ate lots of pastries and candy and talked about our feelings. – Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

October, 2104. We had a pumpkin carving party. Jon made us hot Apple Cider and fed us Apple Cider donuts. For us non-Americans, it was the very first time we’d attempted such a feat. – Brantford, Canada.

November, 2015. We travelled and studied the Bible in places that Jesus walked. Our beloved track parents joined us and we got to know a pretty sweet couple, Caleb and Joni, who taught our Bible classes – Jerusalem, Israel.

December, 2014. We climbed hundreds of stairs, rode a camel and took photos of age-old rocks. It just happened to be a wonder of the world – Petra, Jordan.

December, 2014. Renting matching mo-peds, we cruised around the island for a day with Caleb and Joni who had stuck with us for an extra week for continued teaching – Aegina Island, Greece.

January, 2015. One of our more impressive feats was climbing that mountain behind us a couple of days before this photo was taken. Despite blisters, sunburn and a long wait for the cable car down (because we weren’t about to hike back the way we came!), we came away feeling victorious – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

February, 2015. Surprise visit from a couple of our favourite women who spent a week with us in a remote village, serving continually by organising fun team bonding evenings, cooking and cleaning for us and giving us opportunities to talk things out – Paraguay.

March, 2015. Another day trip to bordering countries – this time by ferry through the triple border to see the famous Iguazu falls – from Paraguay to Argentina.

March, 2014. We were gifted matching caps from the ministry that we were working with. They were more than hospitable and quickly became people we were keen to soak up wisdom from – Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


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