Where Are You Now?


Once again we Track are amidst a time of transition, changing continents and changing schedules. We’ve finished our last outreach (stint of volunteering) as a team and now have another lecture phase before us. Each three months of our travels is faithful to bring us to a week or two of break where we’re encouraged to find a corner of the world to hide in, to rest in, to tan in and to catch up on the to-dos of life. Eric will be spending his break with family and friends in Hawaii, shared between Oahu and Big Island. Cat, Idun and I (Beth) adventure to Curacao, a small Dutch Caribbean island. We’ll all meet together as a team on the 5th of April in Kona, Hawaii, ready for a three month communications course. We’ll fill you in with more details at the time. For now, here are a few photos from our time in South America.



_DSC5439 copy

_DSC5526 copy


One thought on “Where Are You Now?

  1. great shot of the TEAM and fun to see the individual shots as well. Praying for a restorative time of much refreshment for everyone.

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